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Running O-Top

Do you want a wonderful souvenir? You have a chance to order original running O-top. For 20 EUR only you can get a high value running t shirt in mesh fabric, product by orienteering company Oland.

Orders are closed, but you still have a chance to buy WRC top at the event centre.


If you need e.g. a magnetic compasses for northern hemisphere, visit the Limoo e-shop of an orienteering equipment provider and sponsor of the WRC 2022, Czech firm Vavrys:

Just choose a type and amount of the compasses and note payment and withdrawal at the WRC event centre. Of course you can order any other O-equipment offered on the web


Luciferlights, a Czech company specializing in manufacturing premium headlamps for orienteering, offers you the opportunity to rent, try, but also purchase and pick up your fully charged headlamp before the 24h race. Lucifer headlamps are used by many Czech and foreign racers and it is a great choice for 24 hour rogaining, especially Lucifer M, lightweight headlamp with max. output of 1700 lumens. For more details (models, order, payment) visit manufacturer’s website