Dlouhé Stráně

Third biggest pumped storage hydro plant in the world and most extensive water power work in Czech Republic.

The pumped-storage electric plant is a remarkable structure and the largest hydroelectric power plant in the country. The facility is equipped with the largest reserve water turbine in Europe (325 MW), has the greatest drop of any power plant in the Czech Republic (510.7 m), and is the power plant with the largest installed output in the country (2 x 325 MW). This outstanding industrial landmark was voted one of the seven wonders of the Czech Republic in the survey conducted by the iDNES server in 2005.

Holba Hanušovice brewery

Do you know when the production of beer stopped to be an alchemy and got the exact rules?

If not, all you have to do is make a trip to Hanušovice and visit the Museum of Brewing Industry. The exposition maps out the history of brewing in Hanušovice region from its beginning till nowadays. You will find the historical brewing rights written on parchments, the old brewing hand-crafted tools but also the raw necessary for the production of beer and without them the beer never could arise. A very pleasant is also the possibility to taste the golden liquid. Actually, there is a stylish pub under the museum exposition where you can enjoy the delicious gulps of genuine beer from mountains in the pleasant atmosphere of wooden timbers and glowing fire place.

Dalimil’s lookout tower

An exceptional stone lookout tower at the top of Větrov, a legacy and a faithful replica of the historic lookout tower from Sněžník, built in a historic style with a small and a large tower, an entrance hall with a broken vault, a spiral granite staircase, rafters and battlements – a stone beauty county is back!

Castle and Chateau Kolštejn

The first reference to the castle in Branná dates back to the year 1325 and a tour of the chateau and castle today includes the renaissance chateau of the lower and middle castle (extensive spaces with original stucco décor and wall painting fragments) and the ruins of the gothic upper castle with magnificent views of the surrounding countryside. Over the course of the tourist season, exhibitions of period art as well as other cultural events are occasionally organised.

Spa Velké Losiny

Given the long history since the 16th century, Velké Losiny THERMAL SPA belongs to the oldest and most famous Moravian spas.Its fame was gained for treatment results and unique sulphurous thermal springs as well as its pleasant location in the foothills of the Hrubý Jeseníky Mountains.

The thermal spa is set in the beautiful surroundings of a 40 hectares spa forest-park with hundred year old trees and rare plants. Beside bath in thermal pool you can also visit hand-made paper museum or a beautiful renaissance chateau with dark history of  witch inquisition.