Final information about transport organized by organizers (based on orders on the Transport page)

Bus Prague – WRC Event Centre & back

You must be on Thursday, Aug 25, at 10:00 AM at this meeting point (red circle) at the Prague Airport.

Meeting Point is located on Terminal 2, Level 1, Arrivals – Information Stand (next Costa Coffee) 

Driving time is approximately 4 hours. The ticket costs (one way per person) either CZK 1400 or € 60. Passengers are asked to pay when they will register at Paprsek. Please inform staff on the registration desk that you must pay for this transport; you will receive the receipt here as well. Buy at the same time the ticket (again for CZK 1400 or € 60) from Paprsek to Prague Airport (if you had order it). The departure will be on Saturday, Aug 27 at 2:00 PM.

(If necessary, call Marek +420 602 559 996.)

Bus STare MESTO – WRC Event Centre & back

Transport Staré Město train station – WRC Event Centre August 24 & 25. After race transport WRC Event Centre – Staré Město train station August 27 & 28. 

Travel ticket CZK 75 (per person and one ride) will be sold when boarding the shuttle.

Driving time is approximately 35 mins. Departures of the organizers’ shuttles from the railway station Staré Město (pod Sněžníkem) will be on Wednesday, August 24 at 14:40 and 16:40, onThursday, August 25 at 14:40, 16:40 and 18:40. Shuttles will wait for trains with arrivals at 14:24, 16:24 and on Thursday also at 18:24.

Departures of the shuttles from the Event Centre will be on Saturday, August 27at 14:40 and 16:40, and on Sunday, August 28 at 10:40 and 12:40. Shuttles are planned to catch the connecting trains in Staré Město with departures on Saturday at 15:29 and 17:29, and on Sunday at 11:29 and 13:29.

If some trains are late and you miss your scheduled connections, the organizer will arrange shuttles for the trains that will arrive to Staré Město pod Sněžníkem later. The organizers will find out this fact from the carrier, so there is no need to call about it. When planning your departure from the race on Saturday or Sunday, think about possible delays and use previous connections – unfortunately e.g., your planes will not be waiting for you.)

If necessary, call Tomas +420 607 506 448.